Busty Evan Rachel Wood masturbating in a tub

August 23rd, 2016 by J

People who knew Evan Rachel Wood personally would agree that she’s one of the few women who you could actually call a keeper when it comes to relationships. She would fall for one man and fall pretty hard to the point that she would agree to get matching tattoos of their initials and, according to her and the former partner, never regret getting inked when their “forever” ended eventually. But this romance didn’t stop there tho. After getting involved with Marilyn Manson and having her heart broken for the second time around, she’s had enough of being the victim and decided to do something really risky, which is one of her ultimate fantasies. She wanted to make a hot masturbation video of herself and show the world that she knows fun too and a risky one at that.

Horny Evan Rachel Wood pussy-playing in a bath tub

She felt the need to unleash her inhibitions through a kinky clip that would drive her former flames wild and make them regret hurting her. So she recorded herself while enjoying a warm bubble bath in a tub and equipped herself with one of her favorite sex toys. She admits she never felt this liberated knowing that so many of us will be enjoying her in the nude, with those sexy legs spread wide and watching her fuck that pussy with her glass dildo. This naughty pussy-playing video actually worked wonders as she finally got back with her former boy toy, after being separated for almost five years. He did see this clip and wanted Wood all for himself once again and it didn’t take too long for them to realize that they do belong together despite Wood coming out as bisexual in her Twitter posts. Only time will tell if there will be another time for another split. But for now, let’s enjoy Wood as she plays with that twat.

Evan Rachel Wood gets her bunghole plowed

April 10th, 2016 by J

Evan Rachel Wood gets her ass stretched good

After actually regretting getting a matching tattoo with a boyfriend, which ended in a break up, Evan Rachel Wood had to give the world the middle finger and say fuck it. Went so careless with her ways that she’d have random men bang her cunt, even her friend’s dad, and just enjoy the freedom having her ass, specially, stretched because her EX never wanted anal. Now she’s all-out hardcore and living her new status in a much wild and free world with a naughty sex tape to boot. This is how you move on, she says.

Hot Nude Pic Of Evan Rachel Wood In ID Magazine

May 4th, 2010 by evan

Well, Evan Rachel Wood‘s grown up some, and she’s now engaged to shock-rocker Marilyn Manson.  Yes, soon Evan Rachel Wood will be a married woman.  So does that mean she’s cleaned up her act and is now behaving like a proper lady?  Hell no, and we’re definitely glad that this scrumptious blonde hasn’t matured (in that way) and gone and started dressing up like a church lady.  No, in fact she’s bared her body again, and this time in ID magazine!  Now I don’t know what ID magazine is, but they definitely have my vote of they can get a cock-hardening hottie like Evan Rachel Wood to strip for them.  But then, it shouldn’t be that hard, given the kind of past Evan Rachel’s had, with all her naughty nude poses already on this page.  But that was then, and any new naked photo of Evan Rachel Wood is cool in my book!  So go out and buy that issue of ID Magazine (what month did it come out, I forget), or better yet, you can click here and see that nude pic plus even more of Evan Rachel Wood’s naked body on this site!

Evan Rachel Wood Goes All-Out Naked

August 6th, 2008 by evan

Well, it had to happen sooner or later with this girl.  Let’s look at all the signs that pointed to something like this eventually happening.  First, there’s her sexually precocious roles in her past movies, back to when she was still a teen.  Aside from taking on those mature roles, there’s her personality, which has been described as being “wise beyond her years”.  So that means that she’s the kind of girl who isn’t such a prude about the sexual side of human nature, unlilke most Americans.  And since she turned 18 a year or two ago, she’s now an adult and can fully express herself sexually whenever she wants.  Then there’s her relationship with Marilyn Manson.  There’s no way that the close proximity and intimacy that they have hasn’t encouraged her to push the envelope.  This is Marilyn Manson after all, a master at causing controversy, which leads to publicity!  That’s what his entire career is built on, and he’s great at manipulating the media for his own gain.

So enjoy these Evan Rachel Wood nude pics, and be secure in the fact that there’ll probably be more to come!  She’s still young and her career is still on the upswing, so there’s lots more chances for edgy, raunchy stuff like this.  Check out more dirty Evan Rachel Wood stuff on this site, which has the latest and the naughtiest of what she’s ever done so far!

Across The Universe For Evan Rachel Wood Nudity

August 6th, 2008 by evan

Psychedelic drug trips, nudity and sex — what more can you ask from a movie?  How about Beatles songs and a barely legal Evan Rachel Wood?  Yes, that’s what I love about “Across The Universe“, and if you’re here, you’ve probably seen the film, and that’s what you love about it too!  You’ve got the girls lusting after Jim Sturgess while the guys are drooling over Evan.  Forget the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations, these two are where it’s at for most of the people under 30, I bet.  And here are some stills from the movie which best showcase Evan Rachel Woods’ contribution to it — those sweet titties and her lithe, nubile body!  Okay, so the dazzling visuals also serve to enhance her nude shots, but her naked bod can dazzle any guy even without those special effects.

It’s a nice movie, but if you want something naughtier, and still with Evan Rachel Wood in it, why not check out this site, which has all the raunchiest celeb porn images out there, hers included!

Evan Rachel Wood’s GQ Nipple Slip

August 6th, 2008 by evan

She’s young and beautiful, and able to pull off a variety of roles.  That makes Evan Rachel Wood not only a hot Hollywood commodity when it comes to films, but it makes her prime material for fashion shoots as well.  The buzz surrounding her performances and her private life raises her cachet among other forms of media looking for all that’s hot and in fashion, which is why she’s got this sexy GQ pictorial right here.  And as if Evan Rachel Wood in her underwear wasn’t hot enough, we’ve even got a nipple slip in one of the photos, which makes it to publication of course, because as we all now, wardrobe malfunctions are so in fashion among young Hollywood!

Enjoy and drool, all you want, and if you’re looking for more, click on this link and see more of Evan Rachel Wood’s nipples than you thought was possible!

Evan Rachel Wood Has Sex In Marilyn Manson Video?

August 6th, 2008 by evan

Not only has Evan Rachel Wood’s relationship with shock rocker Marilyn Manson sent tongues wagging because of her young age (she was 19 when they got together), it seems that they’re also into some very kinky shit.  While that’s par for the course with Manson, it’s Evan Rachel Wood’s descent into the dark side that’s got everyone dismayed.  Her change of fashion style may only hint at the corruptive influence Manson is having on her life, with Evan changing her flowing, naturally-blonde locks into a shorter, dyed-black affair more reminiscent of Manson’s ex-wife, Dita Von Teese.

Evan is a precocious, highly-intelligent and artistic girl, so a change like that wouldn’t have drawn any notice normally, if she weren’t hooked up with the controversial rock star.  But even more disturbing than her change in appearance is the story that she and Manson engaged in actual sex during their filming for Marilyn Manson’s “Heart-Shaped Glasses” music video.  The scenes show Evan and Manson making love, and sources say that the couple opted not to fake it and actually do the deed right then and there while the cameras were rolling.

Still feeling some Marilyn Manson envy?  I know I am, which is why I head over to this site where I can have all the Evan Rachel Wood nude scenes I want, without having to roll myself in flour and put on make-up with my eyes closed, like a certain rock star out there.